Snowy Friday

Friday was a very eventful day for me. First, I think I subconsciously wanted a 2 hour delay. A wakes me up in the morning “What time are you supposed to be at work?” He asks. I look at my clock and YIKES! It is 5:17 am! “I should be gone by now” I mumble before rolling leaping out of bed. I use the bathroom, get dressed, Andrew hands me my lunch I packed Thursday evening (in case of a delay where I would work until 4:15 pm instead of 12 pm) and a banana for breakfast and I walk out the door. Unbeknownst to me, but A had gone outside in his pjs to start the car for me while I was getting dressed! I was very grateful I had a warm car to get into. 

I had to call work to tell them I would be late. IN my head I was thinking that this was just great; the day I meant to get up early and leave a little earlier (5 am instead  of 5:15) to give my self extra time because of the snow, I oversleep by 50 minutes! GAH! I was only 15 minutes late, not too bad. My first kid usually doesn’t show up until 6:15 or 6:20, giving me plenty of time to open all three preschool rooms.

A was so sweet! He dropped off my ‘would-have-been-coffee’ I had set up the night before but obviously did not have time to make.

Second event of the day: I got punched in the face by a three year old. Yup, you read that right. In. the. face. Upper right cheek. Good thing I saw it coming! I moved my head back away from the child, so his fist just grazed my cheek instead of hitting it full on. 

Ring! I was saved by the front desk! They asked us to move a few kids to another classroom to make us single so I could go cover a few lunches in a newborn classroom. And I was very excited to get out of there! This incident reminds me of filling in for a lunch one time in Sitka’s preschool. I got bit on the arm by a three year old there. No broken skin or blood but I was glad to not have to go back in there for a while!

Third event of the day: Getting stuck behind a tractor trailer truck going 20 miles.per.hour on rt 94. He had good reason to – the road was full of snow. The going slow part wasn’t the problem – it was the jeep behind me that was scaring me. He would go slow so that he fell behind maybe 100 yards, then speed up to my tail.slam on the brakes and skid all around. I was tempted to call the cops but didn’t want to get in trouble for talking on my phone while driving! Oh well.

Fourth event of the day: I replied back to the field hockey group that plays pick up games on Friday evenings for a few hours that I am finally able to go (we usually have plans on Fridays). I checked my email around 5, went to Dick’s to get a mouthguard, came  back and molded it, got dressed and braved the snowstorm to go. I got to the field house just at the time when the group is scheduled to play. But only volleyball players were there. So A checked my email and lo and behold, it was cancelled.  So I had to brave the snow again and drive home. No big deal. I was really disappointed and upset but oh well. I got  some more snow driving experience. 

But I did make peppermint sugar cookies in the afternoon! I will post on those delicious cookies tomorrow. Then you can try them out too!


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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