2South Food & Wine Bar


A and I made reservations to try out this fine dining restaurant in old Colorado City for our anniversary dinner. It was delicious! The menu is as seasonal and as local as possible. The restaurant itself is in the downstairs portion of a renovated house. If it had been a little bit warmer we probably would have sat and ate outside under the twinkling lights strung around the yard. I am sort of a wuss when it comes to cold.Or pain. I didn’t notice this until dinner was almost over, but the glasses they use to serve water in are the bottom half of recycled wine bottles! I thought that was so cool!

The whole experience was great. I chose a glass of Scott Harvey Riesling – Meyer Lemon, Apple pudding and peach. It was a little bit more tart than I have had in a Riesling, but I liked it. For an appetizer, we shared one called Breads & Spreads which is, literally, four different types of locally made bread with three very distinct dipping sauces and/or spreadables. A was most looking forward to the apple butter spread but the kitchen was out of it.  In its place was an olive oil, rosemary and basil (I think) dipping sauce. The second spread was made of white beans and the third of artichokes, kalamata olives and anchovies. It was so good. Dinner was delicious. I ordered ‘Pumpkin Gnocchi & Asian Eggplant’ while A had the ‘Twin Fillets’ with baked potato and mushrooms. We both agreed our meals were tasty.

Normally, if I am going to eat at a fancier restaurant and/ or am celebrating a special occasion, I order dessert. If Creme Brulee is on the menu (even if I am full), it will be ordered because I absolutely LOVE it. Good thing it was not on this menu. We decided to not get dessert, mainly because earlier I had picked up a special surprise for us.


I had ordered a cake a few weeks earlier and picked it up on Thursday. It is a small round cake, red velvet, cream cheese in the middle layer and vanilla butter cream frosting on the outside. Very much like the cake we had my friend and matron of honor Krystal make for us. It. was. so. good. Sometime I would like to go back to the bakery and just sample some of their pastries. All looked delicious and were reasonably priced.


Doesn’t it look just divine?


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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