Splash! Girls Night Out April 3rd 2014

All of our finished paintings. Me, M, A & C

All of our finished paintings. Me, M, A & C

On Thursday April 3rd, a few friends and I used the Groupon we had purchased back in November or December to have a fun evening out. And what fun it was! M picked me up about 5:45 and we got lucky on a parking spot downtown, pretty much right across the street from Splash! We were able to check in at the front and use a painting apron to ‘reserve’ our seats next to each other.

Before class, we got a small dinner/snack at Pita Pit – so yummy. I had never been there before (even in Alaska).

Blank Canvas

Let's get our paint on!

Let’s get our paint on!

We got back to Splash! just as it was about to start and it there were so many people.  Our instructor said that out of everyone there (and there must have been about 30 people), all but three were using the LivingSocial or Groupon deal. Figures that everyone would be there, since it expires as a 2-for-1 on April 9th and the deal is only valid on a Thursday evening class. Before the start of class, everyone of age was given a glass of wine or bottle of beer if wanted. The selection of wine was decent; I had Moscato D’Assisi from Cupcake. It was delicious! After the first glass, the alcohol was available for purchase. Not many ladies had a second glass – I assume because it was a Thursday and most of us had to work the next day.

M (un-pictured), A & C working on their painting.

M (un-pictured), A & C working on their painting.

The painting of the night was a vase of flowers on a table or bench. I didn’t really like the colors or the design of the flowers so I went with my own thing. The instructor encouraged us to go our own way and some participants actually did – by painting an entirely different painting all together!



Close-up of my painting.






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