Easter 2014

Our Baskets!

Happy Easter! Yes I know this post is super late but things have been busy. We had a wonderful Easter; we went to a service in Discovery Church’s newly renovated building. The inside was very impressive! The auditorium is massive – so much bigger than the previous building. The church is now only offering two morning services instead of the 3 from before (I gather because the auditorium was too small). At first I felt as though they had over-done it. If I was a newcomer, what would I have thought of all the fancy lights? It was almost as if singing along with the band was really just attending a Christian concert.

Greg (the pastor) however, makes up for that. I love the pastor because he is so real. He isn’t afraid to admit he makes mistakes. The most wonderful part of the service? The sermon wasn’t on the traditional John 3:16 or he-died-for-your-sins-and-rose-again-on-the-third-day verses. He spoke on a passage about getting well today. You can listen to his message here.


Can I just say something about these awesome baskets?*

My Basket

Wonderful super yummy espresso hard candies, a bar of soap, bath salts, a reusable bag and Nutella snacks.

A's Basket!

The best and most creative basket I have done. A popcorn bowl, chile-lime popcorn, Haribo Raspberry candies (A’s favorite), a jerky stick and birch beer.

All the product came from WorldMarket. I absolutely LOVE that store. So many cool things. If I had all money in the world, I would spend it all there. We have gotten some of our decor and furniture there – for example, the bucket chair and stool we have in the living room. A was very creative in making a basket for me – I think it is one of the better, more unique one that he has made. Since he never did Easter growing up (but wanted to when we married), the road to what an Easter basket is ‘supposed’ to look like has been a journey. For his, I wanted to be creative. I know he loves the Haribo candies and the raspberries seem to be his favorite. I had seen some bacon flavored popcorn but you had to buy the whole box. A’s been pretty stoked about putting Sirancha hot sauce on EVERYTHING so the chile-lime flavored popcorn was the ticket. Plus, isn’t the popcorn bowl just adorable? It says ‘more popcorn please?’ at the bottom!



How was your Easter Celebration?


*All views expressed are my own. This post is in no way affiliated with WorldMarket.




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I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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  1. Melissa Hill says:

    Your baskets are super cute!


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