Year of Dates: April 2014

Colorado Wine state

A few months ago, when I was putting together A’s Year of Dates gift I saw a Groupon for a wine and cheese tasting for two at D’vine Wine in Manitou Springs. I thought that this was perfect and purchased it for the April Envelope. We went last Saturday for an afternoon tasting. The cheese platter was just average – nothing too special. I am glad it came with the tasting because it would not have been worth it to buy it separately. I was also glad for it because I had not eaten since about 11:30 that morning and it wouldn’t have gone well if there wasn’t anything to eat. The deal got us 6 samples each and a full glass of whichever one we liked best. Since A was driving (and it was 4 in the afternoon),, he only had 3 or 4 samples. I also stopped at 4 samples – their reds are 14% alcohol by volume – much more than other wineries. I went straight for the glass, but only had a half. I was so tipsy.

The waiter (or maybe one of the owners?) was very kind. Since A didn’t drink the full glass, we got an ‘i-o-u’ on a business card to use at a latter date! So we can go back and get more yummy wine. We ended up purchasing a Raspberry Merlot. I usually don’t like Merlot mostly because I stick to the sweeter, dessert-like wines. This one had raspberry in it (hence the name) and was listed in the dessert wine section. We both really liked the sample so we bought a bottle to drink with our Easter meal the next day.

Speaking of red wines, I really liked the Barbera. According to the wine list, it is described as ‘Deep in color, this high tannin, full-bodied wine has a robust plum flavor and fragrant bouquet with oak undertones.  Delivers a crisp, astringent bite when fresh, somewhat tamed by aging.’ And this is the wine I had a half glass of. Next time, I may get a bottle of this one (or two!).

Patsy's Arcade amusementsThe second part of the April Envelope is a trip to an arcade for some mindless fun. Saturday evening we had something going on (of which I can’t remember) so we didn’t stop by Patsy’s Arcade after the tasting. We would like to go soon though. As much as we have plenty of time on the weekends, A has been studying like crazy for his Staff Sergeant test coming up soon and training for his marathon in Ft. Collins next weekend (I am hoping to take a lot of pictures of our exploration and the marathon itself) so this April date will more than likely be added into the May Envelope – to be opened on Thursday!

I am not a huge fan of amusement parks but since this is a partnership in love & life, I knew I had to put some dates in the year that A would enjoy too – not just fill up every month with things I think will be fun and cause A a lot of disappointment. For example: Since we had a bunch of things going on in February, I chose to make the date a ‘Spa night’. At first, A was not excited about it – At. All. But we had fun anyways.

One game I am looking forward to? Skeeball. I love that game.


As for my lack of date pictures, I apologize.  I think A gets a little annoyed when I am constantly wanting to take pictures instead of just enjoying the time we have together.  I will try to take more.

About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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2 Responses to Year of Dates: April 2014

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  2. Melissa Hill says:

    I really love the idea of a Year of Dates. I may steal it, just so ya know 🙂


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