Living Intentionally… in April

Look at me, the first full week of May is almost over and I am just now getting this out! April wasn’t too busy but there is A LOT of things going on this month.  Honestly, I didn’t have a ton of stuff going on so it is sort of hard to remember what exactly I did! I do know that there was one time during the month (and my friend M can attest to this) that I did not live intentionally. I wrote a private post on this, mostly to vent out my feelings but it any family or very close friends would like to read it/know what happened, please send me a personal message.

I tried to spend more time with M as she left on Easter for her job (and she is still gone 😦 ).  We had invited M & J over for Easter dinner but since she was leaving, those plans were canceled last minute. So A and I had a small Easter dinner together. We did go to church for the first time since, probably, January. It has been so good to finally go back and start getting back on track. Honestly, sometimes going to church on a Sunday morning is a hassle, I will admit. Sometimes it is better to just sleep in/go hiking/have plans. And we do those things. I was beginning to miss the services. I really like the church we are [however sporadically] going to here; it reminds me of the church we attended in Alaska (which I loved).

Crafty wise I made some Easter, anniversary and birthday cards. A and I also went on our April Date which you can read about here. Finally, at the end of the month I was invited to a Girls Game Night at A’s house. A just recently moved off Schriever and into town and happens to live a 3 minute drive from me now. My A dropped me off and the rest of the evening was spent eating, drinking, game playing and laughing. so. hard. A few of the ladies I had just met yet it was as if I had known them for a long time!


Now about those goals from last month…

Professionally:  Study at least 4x/week for at least 1 hour each time – for the Praxis II exam in early June.  Um… yeah no. I DID register/pay for the exam so I will be officially taking it on June 7th at 7:30 am at one of the local colleges. It was hard to study the books I had so I ended up getting a better one. Plus, I found it hard to study when I hadn’t actually paid for the test yet.

Begin to gather evidence for my Environmental Education Portfolio.  I didn’t really do this one either. Oh well.

Update my current resume and letters of interest/intent. This one I have worked on as I applied to another GS-05 level position within the CDC as well as a few other part time job places.

Blogging: Start a new series called ‘First Fridays’.  I have accomplished this one! My first ‘official’ I-actually-remembered-to-write-on-this post went up on the first Friday of April!                                               Try to publish @ least 1x/week. According to my calender, I have done at least one post per week. Which is what I wanted to accomplish!

Personal:  Commit to practicing yoga 2x/week or more as work allows.  The key phrase of this one is: as work allows. For the most part, I accomplished this. There was maybe one-1.5 weeks where I could only go once.  The reason is that I sprained my shoulder at work and needed to rest it up.                           Complete one of my 52-in-52 Pinterest projects. This one  did not happen. Oops.

Read a book for pleasure (I’ve kind of gotten lost on the whole read-a-book-a-month thing I had going for like… 2 weeks!)    And…..this didn’t happen either. I guess I am really bad at this whole having goals thing.


SO. Let’s try this monthly goals thing again. For May.

Blogging: Since I am already behind on what I want to share, I would like to catch up with the beginning of the month and hopefully be on track by the end of the month.

Professional: Study every day except maybe Friday for 1 hour or so for this test, whether I am reviewing old material or reading up on new stuff. I found yesterday that I am horrible  when it comes to parts of a sentence and how to identify those parts. I need to work on that.

Personal: Cross off the Locks of Love Donation from my ’30-by-30′ list by the end of the month, preferably Memorial day weekend. Begin gathering/putting together an Alaska Memories Scrapbook: Year One (2011).  Continue with my yoga practice 2x/week as work allows. I have begun running again and want to keep it up. I may get around to a 52-in-52 Pinterest project but I’m not holding my breath.


What are your goals for this upcoming month? 

How do you hope to live intentionally?

About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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One Response to Living Intentionally… in April

  1. Melissa Hill says:

    I haven’t set goals in forever! Your post made me feel like I should set at least one (hopefully attainable) goal. I think my first goal is to keep in closer contact with people. I tend to get so wrapped up in myself out on the road that when I do talk to people, I talk about myself. So my goal is to actually converse with others and be interested in what they do 🙂


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