Happy Mother’s Day!

To my mom:

Thank you for putting up with me through all those years. I am forever grateful for your love and patience as you drove me (and the rest of us) to game after game, practice after practice, friends houses in the boonies of MA, to school every morning and sometimes back again in the evenings. Even when I was away at school, you have always tried your hardest to make sure I had everything I needed. You have supported me in everything I have ever wanted to do: whether it was sports, playing the clarinet/piano (pretty disastrous right?), dressing up and going stag to prom, letting me go to school 8 hrs away yet coming to get me when I was sick that one summer at camp. Thank you for trusting me enough to travel and live halfway across the globe for 3 months in a part of the world that was unstable for a short time. Despite everything that has happened in our lives, you have been and continue to be an example to me; everything works out as it should and there will always be someone watching over me. You have showed me patience, kindness, love, strength. passion, forgiveness. I am so glad I have a mom, a confidant, a supporter, a friend  a best friend like you. I love you!

To my Mother in Law, A’s mom, Sheryl:

Thank you for bringing my best(est) friend in the whole world into this world. Without you, A would not be here and I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know you or the entire family. Thank you so much for letting me continue to come over your house and participate in the events of your family while A was away at basic training and then again in tech school – especially since you didn’t know me that well and we hadn’t even begun to date! A has become such an amazing and wonderful man – he compliments me so well. I can be a little emotional at times and he always brings me back, helping me to look at the logical side of things so I don’t make a drastic mistake! I love him with all my heart and I love you for helping to make that happen! Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

To all the other moms in my life:

A's Memere.

A’s Memere.

My lil' sister, Bridget and her son Logan

My lil’ sister, Bridget and her son Logan

My SIL Krista before she had my niece Katie.

My SIL Krista before she had my niece Katie.

My Grandma

My Grandma

 My Grammie

My Grammie

My best friend from college is expecting! Due in November.

My best friend from college is expecting! Due in November.

Dad's best friend and girlfriend, Laura.

Dad’s best friend and girlfriend, Laura.












Happy Mother’s Day to all those I may have forgotten and/or have made a difference in my life as a friend, coworker or family member. I am grateful to all of you!


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Sheryl says:

    Thank-you Caitlin! I agree a beautiful post! We miss you coming over! Love you lots! Glad God blessed A with you! Love, Mom Skinner


  2. Lynn Loftus says:

    Thank you Caitlin for such a beautiful post. I will do anything for you till the end of time! You are a beautiful woman and truly a blessing to me. Even though sometimes things were rough growing up, I would not trade one minute of it! Love you always and forever. Mom


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