This is super late! Living Intentionally… in May

May…has been quite the whirlwind. We went North to Fort Collins during the first weekend for A’s marathon, he studied most of the first two weeks nonstop, A had surgery during the end of the third week, we went camping in Rocky Mountain National Park over the long Memorial Day Weekend and I chopped all my hair off to donate to Locks of Love.

In between all the weekend adventures, I have spent numerous hours sunbathing in M’s backyard (in between my appointments and work schedule). She had a birthday dinner with the girls at her house one Sunday evening where we all brought a dish and we had a picnic outside on her lawn. I have been able to spend a little bit more time with two other ladies, C and A. C cooked me lunch one day as a thank you for watching her cat while on vacation. A (who now lives down the street from me) and I have gone for pedicures and Starbucks together.

I have been lucky enough to have two long weekends right after the other  – one for A’s surgery and then the next weekend for the holiday – which has allowed for some much needed relaxation and study time.

I have also started physical therapy in May for my shoulder (work related injury). It has been intense these last few weeks – lots of soreness, not being able to lift the water coolers or furniture at work (and sometimes the kids for that matter) and lots of ibuprofen but I am being very intentional about doing the exercises at home. I am even visiting the gym almost every day after work in order to use the arm bike – which is one of the exercises I have to do.

Overall, I feel I have been intentional this month in spending time with girlfriends, exercising as I can, staying on top of my exercises, and trying to use my time a bit more wisely.

Now about those goals from last month…

Blogging: Since I am already behind on what I want to share, I would like to catch up with the beginning of the month and hopefully be on track by the end of the month. – I am still not on track and I don’t know if I will for a little while longer. 

Professional: Study every day except maybe Friday for 1 hour or so for this test, whether I am reviewing old material or reading up on new stuff. I found yesterday that I am horrible  when it comes to parts of a sentence and how to identify those parts. I need to work on that. – I definitely DID NOT study every day like I said I wanted to, and it got really hard to study in the last two weeks leading up to the exam.

Personal: Cross off the Locks of Love Donation from my ’30-by-30′ list by the end of the month, preferably Memorial day weekend. Begin gathering/putting together an Alaska Memories Scrapbook: Year One (2011).  Continue with my yoga practice 2x/week as work allows. I have begun running again and want to keep it up. I may get around to a 52-in-52 Pinterest project but I’m not holding my breath. – I DID chop my hair off and I did order all the pictures I thought would be good to put into a scrapbook. I have been doing the running but sadly not the yoga as my physical therapist says no for now. I still have yet to do a 52-in-52 Pinterest Project.

Goals for the month of June:

Blogging: I would like to get back into posting at least 1x/week.

Professional: Re-apply for the Environmental Education job outside of Boulder, look for other ones in the environmental field. Apply for a CO teaching license as soon as my scores get posted.

Personal: Continue running during the week, continue strengthening my shoulder with PT, do ONE crafty project during the month (I do have a few ideas I want to do soon), Read: The Fault In Our Stars so that all the girls can watch the movie together when M gets home.

What are your goals for this upcoming month? 

How do you hope to live intentionally?


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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