Year of Dates: June/July 2014

So we have continued in our 2014 Year of Dates gift for June and July – I haven’t forgotten about them! I must admit, I have forgotten to write about each – and I think it is mostly because I had to move some of the date envelopes around and then with everything that has been going on these past two months….we haven’t really been able to go on the dates I had put together.

I have to be honest – while most of the dates have prepaid cards (or at least $ in the envelope to help cover the cost of the activity), there are some bigger dates that would have to come out of our monthly paychecks during the month. AND sometimes those months are tight – in both other activities and in the budget.


What was the date for June?

June’s date was originally more relaxed – wouldn’t have taken much planning/we could have done it on a weeknight instead of a weekend. I had anticipated that we would be tighter in budget because I knew we were going to have a busy month ahead of us (with us visiting family in MA then my mom staying for a long weekend out here shortly after).  We were also asked by some friends of ours to join them in a white water rafting trip on of the Saturdays in the month…

We wanted to go (but ended up not being able to because it was bumped to the July holiday weekend and we were camping in RMNP) and since originally that was August’s date, I switched things up. So you will have to wait until August to find out what we were supposed to do in June.  HA!

Because of all the running around, visiting family and getting ready for the holiday weekend, we did not budget for the rafting trip. June also came and went and we never did it. I guess I should have just left it where it belonged: in August. Oh well.  The Rafting Date may have to wait until next summer, which is fine by me (mostly because it will be more expensive than the July date).

Onto the July Envelope…

July will be over in two weeks and we are gone next weekend for an AF sponsored Marriage Retreat. So…. I highly doubt we will be getting our July Date in. This one also needs a weekend day – unless we both play hokey from work sometime next week. I really hope to go on the July date – even if it is in August (especially since August now has June’s more easy-going, relaxed date).  Plus, the date location is only open Memorial Day through Labor Day, so we better act quick!

What is this month’s date?

Drum roll please………………

A trip to Elitch Gardens.  Elitch is a theme amusement and water park located in the heart of Denver. Another honest moment with you – I hate amusement parks. I never liked them as a little kid, nor as a teenager and I still don’t like them as an adult. (There is a story about my 6th grade science class and an amusement park in MA that is now 6 Flags but used to be called Riverside that you can email me about – still have bitter feelings with that one)!

There has only been one. ONE! roller coaster I have been able to ride on and not puke my guts out (Hellooooo motion sickness!) and it is an old rickety wooden coaster up on the coast of Maine somewhere. I rode that one six times and had a blast. Woopdy-whirley ones? Nope. Upside down? No thanks. Spinning around like crazy and dropping 7 stories – you have GOT to be out of your mind!

So if I am the Queen of Motion Sickness  when it comes to roller coasters, why did I give A a date to one? Well… THE WATER PARK OF COURSE! I love the water rides! I could spend all day going down slides and splashing around. Granted, I don’t think A will be as thrilled to go to the water portion of the park, I have to think about him too, you know? These dates are for us together and if I just put dates in the envelopes that wanted to go on…it wouldn’t really be a date thing, now would it?

So here are my reasons for wanting to wait on the rafting and going ahead with the water/theme park:

A. The rafting is farther away – which takes more gas $. (Denver is only 1 hour from us).

B. Rafting depends on the river levels – and with all the storms we have been having recently, I think it would be quite a scary experience. (Don’t want to participate on a particular ride? No problem! Find another line).

C. It would be an extremely long day between driving, rafting and driving some more.

D. Rafting would be costing us more overall, even with the provided lunch and our own snacks. (I can buy our EG tickets at the military travel office for $31/adult! Wooohooo! That is much better than the normal $52/adult – or even $42/adult with a Pepsi can deal – than I can find anywhere else! Sometimes it definitely pays to be military). And did I mention the park is only about 1 hour away? Less on gas $!

So. There you have it. I know July is not over yet but since we have made other choices this month for activities and such, I wanted to put this out there. I do really hope we can go to the park in August! I will post a few pictures if we do!


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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