Living Intentionally: September/ Year of Dates: September 2014

Ahhh September…. Is it just me or does every month seem to fly by? I feel as though I get to this post and all I can think about as an opening line is “Where did the time go? Where did my month go?” And now, we are already halfway through October! Yeesh!

September was super busy – we were getting ready to buy a house after all! We stayed on top of all our deadlines within the house buying process, cleaned out all of our stuff (which has been donated to the Sunshine Committee at my work for their yard sale. The monies made from the sale goes into the Christmas Party Fund) – and we had quite a bit of stuff.

In addition to the monthly magazines that arrive at my door, I read two books in September! I honestly can’t remember the title of the first one, but the most recent was The Maze Runner by J. Dashner. I was inspired to read it after watching the trailer for the movie, which came out earlier this month (September).  I have requested the next two in the series, along with the prequel at the library, but I am currently letter z on a very long waiting list. I am tempted to go out and buy the books, read them then send them to my mom who is a school librarian but… now that we literally live a 3 minute drive (2 if you have a green light) from the library, I feel I have no excuse NOT to use the library now.

More on September… we went apple picking, tried our hand at drying some apples, hung out with friends, made more preparations for moving, took another trip to Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park for some leaf peeping, did an overnight in Granby CO that ended with a quick 5k at the YMCA’s Snow Mountain Ranch and a final RMNP Visitor Center’s cancellation stamp for the passport book we have. Then some packing and moving and closing (on our house! It was September 30th)!

The Year of Dates: September Date was nothing special; we actually haven’t really done it. I had purchased via Amazon one each of those ‘How well do you know your wife/husband?’ question books, similar to Madlibs – which you can find here. It is definitely a ‘my idea of a fun date’ thing and honestly, since we were so busy doing other things, the date just slid to the side. I DO plan on making him answer those questions about me though! 🙂


So. I had posted on the Living Intentionally in August update some goals for the month of September. For the personal category: I have yet to make a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte or apple cider donuts. I haven’t been writing much, so that is out the window. I have, however, signed up at Cambio for their Fall Yoga Challenge which consists of completing 24 classes in 8 weeks. the challenge started September 22nd and continues until November 17th. I currently have 10 classes down! I also started in on a new running plan. It is the white plan from Daniel’s Running Formula. I started with week 5 as my week 1 since I had already been running off and on for a few months. As I get closer to the end of the plan (and a Thanksgiving Day 5k Turkey Trot) I will just repeat a chuck of the last training days. We also purged a bunch of stuff from the apartment as we got ready to move, as I mentioned above. With all the craziness, I did not get to work on any more of my AK Memories scrapbook, which I am bummed about. October doesn’t look like a good month for it either 😦

For the blogging category: Nothing. Nada. I did only one tiny little post about us buying a house with a few pictures I gleaned off the listing agent’s website but nothing else.

For the professional category: I applied/interviewed for a job but didn’t get it and I never finished my sub authorization through CDE so it expired and I have to start all over again.

Goals for October:

Personal: Finish unpacking boxes/set up the reading nook room upstairs, get some colder weather running gear, begin to reflect on my original New Year Intentions.

Blogging: Write two more posts by the end of the month that isn’t a ‘regular occurrence’, ie First Friday or Year of Dates etc. Maybe a photo walk-through on our house?

Professional: Update resume on Linked In, re-submit CDE application, continue to search for environmental education jobs.


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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