Better late than never… and an interesting thing happened to us today.

So… I am constantly thinking about posts and things I want to say on here while driving along to work, or riding in the car, or right before I drift off to sleep…. but every time I have some time, I sit down and those thoughts don’t seem so great anymore. Or I am trying to spend a few hours in the evening with my husband before I go nodding off to sleep.

I have gotten into somewhat of a schedule now that we have had Po for over a month. Somewhat being the very word that seems to walk right out the door when I get home. So I know I have a few things I need to get out – and soon. Here is a small overview of the things I am hoping to write about within the next few days:

Living Intentionally for November/December or where ever I left off.

First Fridays…. I kind of let that one slide, didn’t I?

Reflections on 2014: Did I uphold everything I set myself up for as the new year rolled around last year?

Year of Dates: December recap and Year-long Reflections – would I do it again? Pros/cons?

2015 Intentions – What kinds of things do I hope to achieve?

Now, onto that interesting thing that happened to us this morning…. well, it actually happened to A early this morning (I had already left for work), while he was sleeping. So a little back story, we just bought this house in a wonderful neighborhood. We often leave items in the cars while in the driveway… and mostly lock the doors. Well, early this morning someone ‘broke’ into our unlocked car, while sitting in the driveway, and stole A’s wallet (containing not only debit/credit cards, but his license, base ID card and work card) along with an envelope from the glove compartment containing ~$150 worth of restaurant gift cards that we have gotten in the past couple months as gifts – including a few gotten just last week…

Really frustrating. I know. I was able to get out early from work and we spent the afternoon calling companies (USAA, Citibank, Alaska DMV, Colorado DMV, the Library, his work, my work etc) and running around town (In a snowstorm no less!) trying to print out forms, fax paperwork etc etc.

It was one thing that the person stole A’s wallet, but I am more upset and frustrated about the gift cards! Some of you may know this, but we don’t go out to eat very often. 1. It is expensive. 2. We can eat healthier at home. 3. We are trying really hard to pay down some of our debt (mostly my student loans). So we really only go out to eat when we have gift cards to use. And now? No more gift cards. No more going out to eat for a while I guess…

All that being said, I am thankful that the car wasn’t stolen. I am thankful that only a few gift cards, a wallet, a few material things were stolen. It could have been much worse. And I am so very glad it wasn’t. It helps too that A hasn’t gotten paid yet and thus, only had ~$16 in his checking account! Yay for low funds! (This may be the ONLY time I say that with such happiness)!


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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