The results are in…

The results? Of the Race? Why yes of course. Are you ready?

I didn’t run. What? Yeah, I know. I trained for four months just for this race and I gave up time with friends, late nights and sometimes mini dates with my husband because I had to get my training runs in -whether it was early morning long runs or squeezing in a short one at night. I trained in cold, single digit temps to 70 degree days. I’ve run hundreds of laps around an indoor track, trudged along snow-packed trails and bundled up so much I’ve felt very much like the younger brother from The Christmas Story.

A little back story to this decision. About 8 weeks ago I began feeling a slight pull in my left hamstring. I gave it a few days rest and continued to run. After about two weeks of mostly resting with a few runs sprinkled in, I went to see my doctor and he recommended physical therapy. So off I went. By the time I had my first appointment, there was only three weeks left until the race. The goal of the PT was to get me ready enough to race, even if I had to continue seeing him for the recovery.

I was doing pretty well. I would run a few miles and feel great – then the next day would happen and sometimes it was great and sometimes it hurt.

Skip forward to last Wednesday. I had a great 3 mile run the previous evening and a great non-pain day. My session in the evening was hard – we made some of my exercises more challenging and added a few more to the queue. After, I got on the Alter-G, the anti-gravity treadmill. My muscle was so fatigued and I should have said no to getting on and running. But I continued through.

Since the session on Wednesday evening, I have been so sore. No, not sore. I have been hurting. In pain. So after talking with a few people and knowing the right thing to do but not wanting to admit it and a lot of crying to the hubs, I made the decision to scratch the race.

I was disappointed. I still am disappointed. I put all this hard work into this, I was so excited and pumped up to finally do this race… and yet I made the right decision. Come to find out today, I re-injured my hamstring/groin/Lateral IT Bands. Last week, the PTA pushed me to the point of no return – essentially. We were searching for that fine line between building strength and re-injury. And we found it. And now I am paying for it.

What’s next?

I’ve set my sights on a 12k race in the beginning of June. If I can run that one without any issues, I will pick another half marathon for the end of June/beginning of July.


About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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