“Did the doctor make me Iron Man?”

Wednesday April 8th: Surgery Day

We arrived at the University of Colorado Hospital about 10:30 am. A went back for some pre-op stuff; the nurse didn’t call me back until 1130 or so. I could only stay a little bit as they had to get the epidural in him and it takes a while to set up. I finally got called back for the last time and I stayed with him while the anesthesiologist team, the O.R. nurse team and the surgeon came to talk to us.  I was crying for most of the time – from stress and nerves most likely. It was a big surgery – not only in the procedure but it was his first time going under and his only real surgery (besides the Ablation he had last year) and of course this was a major one. 

They took him into the O.R. about 12:30 and called me at 1:oo to let me know that he was asleep and the Dr. had just started on the procedure. If you missed my small post a few days ago, A has a pectus excavatum and the procedure is called the Ravitch. You can look it up on your own time.

The surgery itself took 2 hours. My sister and I hung out in the waiting room. She did Suduko puzzles and I watched Nashville on Huluplus. It was pretty boring to wait. One of my good friends/she-is-practically-family D called me on her lunch and it was good to talk of something else for a while.

Around 3 the nurse called me to let me know he was out of surgery and starting to wake. I wasn’t able to go back to see him for another hour or so. We probably got to his bed in the Post Anesthetic Critical Unit (PACU). The nurse let us stay with him until we were assigned a room. He was very funny coming out of the anesthesia. At one point, he asked the nurse if the doctor made him into Iron Man. Here he is in the PACU.


Day 2: Thursday

The night was very shakey. He was incredibly itchy as a side effect of the epidural, so he was constantly calling the nurse for more medicine. He also wasn’t able to urinate by himself so the nurse had to insert a catheter in the middle of the night. I slept on the couch in the room but did wake up every time the nurse came in and turned on the light. The surgeon and his team as well as the head of pain management and the change over of nurses all came in at 6 am. Do these people every sleep?

A was a little grumpy this morning and I must admit, I got my feelings hurt a few times. Coffee and some reading helped the put me back on the right track.


I did feel bad when I got back to the room after a short walk for coffee. A had begun hiccuping and burping after eating his breakfast… and continued for another 40 minutes. The pillow is for support against his sternum.IMG_0535I stayed until midday before heading back to COS. My sister and I have her birthday outing to do tomorrow as well as have the new dishwater installed and the old one removed. A will be working with the physical therapist tomorrow so he will be super tired. We will go back up on Saturday afternoon to hang out and eat cake in celebration of E’s birthday.

That’s it for an update. Please continue to send up prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery!

About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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