Road Trip! Seattle Day One

The day after we arrived in Lake Stevens, we had a very long day exploring Seattle. The last time we were here was for the Mitchell’s wedding, over two years ago, and we did a lot of the ‘touristy’ things then like the Space Needle etc. We did some of that this time too, but what we really wanted to see was the ‘local’ or ‘native’ Washington to the people that live here.

We spent the morning around Pike’s Place Market and the waterfront. There were a lot of people there for a weekday, but I guess it’s the summer and it’s Seattle and there are always tourists right? It was a beautiful sunny day. So many sights, colors, smells! Within the market we ate scrumptious food and drank ice-cold cold pressed apple cider or ginger beer. We visited a spice & tea shop where I got an Earl Grey Creme tea sample (which I am excited to try) and a Chocolate Raspberry whole bean coffee sample (that I have tried and definitely don’t like) along with a gift of two for a friend. We looked in so many different shops and saw so many different wares being sold.

Outside of the food  – which could be a trip of its own so bring a lot of money – I loved looking at all the artists and seeing the hard work that has been put into their passions.

We visited the Seattle Public Library. It was such a neat place to look around in. We took the elevators up to the highest floor and looked down onto the ground floor. I am nervous around heights so I didn’t stay for too long looking down. Next to that floor there was a ‘wall’ of windows overlooking the buildings outside. Some where apartment buildings with green spaces built on top and others were businesses. The floor of the library was wooden (see the above pictures) and had words from all different languages carved into each board. It was hard to get a good picture and not disturb the actual library patrons.

We also visited the Columbia Tower. The tower is higher than the space needle and less expensive and can see just as much of the aerial view.

In the evening we hung around the parks within Seattle Center while waiting for the Laser Dome show to start. We packed food for dinner and sat on the grass for a picnic. I tried seaweed chips – really good, no calories but still leaves your belly hungry. It is chock full of vitamins and other good stuff for your body. The bamboo structure in the above set of pictures was pretty cool – if you shook the bottoms hard enough and for long enough, the each piece would sway and vibrate.

The laser show was the first that I’ve been to. I may have been to something similar when I was younger at a planetarium with a Girl Scout troop but I can’t remember. It was interesting. I couldn’t focus on everything coming at me so I chose to just focus on one section of the ceiling and see everything else with my peripheral vision. I don’t have epilepsy (and hope I never get it) but the fast movements and trying hard to see everything made me sick to my stomach.

Tips if you are going:

Wear good walking shoes. I don’t care how fashionable you want to look – you will be doing A LOT of walking.

Bring lots of money for food – maybe even a separate budget just for food! It was all so delicious and I wanted to try everything!

The Space Needle is great, but if you want the same aerial view for a fraction of the cost go up the Columbia Tower. It’s a bit further down the waterfront (we used the app Lyft to get there) but better than the tourist trap. Plus, you can see the Space Needle from the tower.

If you have more than one day to devote to things to do in Seattle, split your days. It will make for a lot less stressful time.

The Laser Dome does shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. We went on Thursday mostly because we had other things planned for the weekend (more to come) but also because Thursday is the cheapest night by far as long as you don’t care which artist is playing. We saw a show highlighting EDM, but the Dome also had shows for Daft Punk and Pink Floyd. Bring pillows if you plan on lying on the floor, otherwise there are chairs. Also, make sure you go to the restroom early. The show starts on time and if you aren’t in the dome by the time the doors close you will be locked out.

There is an option to buy a CityPass card which means you pay one price and it gets you into all the main attractions like the Sealife Center and the Science & Discovery Center. As much as I like aquariums and science centers, we can get similar things where we live that may be less expensive.


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I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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