Peak Place Coffeehouse

A few weeks ago a friend of mine (we’ll call her N) and I went on a monthly hangout/get-together-and-talk-about-our-lives date and we decided to skip the normal Starbucks <gasp> and check out this coffeehouse. Bonus: It is close to both of our houses (for now, before she moves next weekend).

I got this idea to not only explore natural areas around my city/state, but also restaurants, coffeehouses, tourist attractions…. after all, when friends and family come to visit, shouldn’t I have favorite places? Shouldn’t I be able to recommend places to them? So I am adding more and more places/things to do to my list.

We went on a Sunday, mid morning. They do have regular coffees, lattes, americanos, that sort of thing. The local businesses surrounding them grace their specialty drinks menu, as each have crafted one. The House of Bounce, Colorado Ski & Golf, and Super Quality Cleaners have contributed, to name a few.  Today, I ordered The Rage: a creme brulee latte. I can’t remember which business crafted that one.

If you are looking for quick, convenient, super-fast service, stay at Starbucks. Today I ordered two to-go drinks, one for me and one as a surprise for A. It took about 8 minutes from order to hand (there were two other orders before me though). And they were so foamy and delicious! Price-wise, the drinks are comparable to any other ‘fancy’ chain, Scooters or Starbucks etc. Today I paid ~$8 for both and then I left a $2 tip. I can pay more than that just at Starbucks for two medium sized specialty drinks.

When N and I went, I ordered a Chai and she ordered a vanilla latte. We sat down on super comfy leather couches in the back of the lounge and began talking. The barista brought out our drinks (complete with foam art), the warmed up poppy seed short bread we were sharing, and a carafe of water with two glasses. We felt like royalty!

Both times I have visited, there is maybe 6 other people in the entire place. There are four t.v.s in the back where the couches are, positioned in a square. At first it was a little distracting but all were muted so pretty soon it faded. There is also a business meeting room. The front of the store has maybe five sets of tables with a few chairs around them. There is also an area to sit at the bar. Yes, it is a coffeehouse. Yes, there is also a bar. You can purchase local-to-Colorado beer and wine.

About four times a month they do host live-music events. I think the next time I go, I would like to check out one of these.  It sounds like a good date night idea (and if for whatever reason we can’t drive home, it is about a mile away from where we live).

Not only were the baristas friendly, the atmosphere was quiet and cozy, we were made to feel like rock stars/royalty AND is that all coffee beans they use are from various Colorado roasters. Win-win in my book.

What new places have you checked out lately?

About C.Skinner

I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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One Response to Peak Place Coffeehouse

  1. Tim Loftus says:

    We must be on the same wavelength recently. I’ve been checking out coffee houses to play at.
    Enjoy your blogs!


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