February Explore: Jives Coffee Lounge 2

Since it was practically February (January 31st), I’m counting this as a February Explore.

A few days ago I had asked A. if he wanted to try out a new coffee shop, but for many reasons we ended up going somewhere else (mainly because we had a gift card with a remaining balance that was enough to get dessert and coffee, and we didn’t know if this place did desserts). So on Sunday morning after church I headed over to Jives Coffee Lounge 2 (the original is downtown).

I had done some research on the place, read reviews and most of the things I read were good, positive. So I decided to check it out. For those of you in Colorado Springs, this Jives is located on the section of North Nevada Ave right before it becomes Dublin Boulevard.

It was quiet when I got there; the barista said that I was only the second customer of the day (and this was 10:30 am), probably because of the weather (it was snowing). I liked the atmosphere; in the corner near the front is a small stage set up for open mic/music jam nights. There are plenty of tables littered around. All of the decor was older; a typewriter sat on one of the back tables, many of the lights that hung from the ceiling were encased in some sort of metal figure, like an old cage or parts of an unused machine. There were antique clocks, old barrels, paintings and murals on the walls. The coffee bar itself (where the register was) had pennies sealed on it – it made for a really cool display. Behind the bar the coffee beans were stored in what looked like gumball machines that were stuck together; when the barista needed beans, a knob was moved to the side and the beans flowed out. Picture an older gumball machine – see the picture I posted below.

I felt a little awkward taking all these pictures – so I wasn’t able to get a shot of the bakery case or the menu. The price of a small (12 oz) specialty drink came to $4.04 including tax. The one most reviews seem to recommend is called the White Tiger: White mocha with white espresso. So I tried it… SO DELICIOUS. White espresso beans are the same exact beans as regular espresso, they are just roasted differently. I think she said for only 15 minutes. This makes them smell and taste nutty. At first I couldn’t put my finger on what this latte tasted like, but after A. tried it he said ‘It tastes like peanut butter’ and it sure does!

The one downside to white espresso is that it had double the caffeine – which combined with some stress I was feeling on Monday evening right before bed… I had a very sleepless night (good thing for snow days!) Other specialty drinks included campfire latte, black sea (caramel, mocha and Mediterranean sea salt), pumpkin spice, spicy mocha (cayenne pepper), Zebra (white and milk chocolate), Red Moon (Raspberry white mocha) and Brown Sugar (cinnamon & spices). There is also an assortment of smoothies and the more ‘standard’ drinks like americanos, teas and chai.

Since my drink was ‘to-go’, it was put into one of those Styrofoam cups you can buy at the grocery store or any other big box store. This may be so the store can offer slightly lower prices on their coffees? I’m not sure. I would like to see if they put drinks in ‘here’ ceramic cups if I plan on sticking around for a little bit. I may be too spoiled by Starbucks and other coffee shops that do this, but they did not have anything to keep the drink from spilling out of the lid while riding in the car either.

They do have the star system through Square Up (Peak Place also uses this system). The first time you pay, enter in your email address to get your receipts emailed to you. Every time you pay through this system (and your email is on file), no matter in what store you are in, you will automatically collect stars/points in the store you are in. I think once you make 10 purchases, you get a free drink, or money off your next purchase. It depends on the store. At Peak Place, you earn a free drink. At Jives, you get a $5 certificate good on your next order. It all depends.

I would like to go back later in the month and try the Black Sea specialty drink, and maybe a smoothie or chai. And just like Peak Place, I would love to see what this place holds for events/music jam nights. Possible date night idea?




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I am a military spouse and I am excited to travel! I love to find adventure; am trying to be more creative; this year my intention is to live a better, fuller life.
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